Your new sprinkler system, landscape lighting system
Or automatic mosquito control system
Will make your lawn & gardens
The envy of your neighborhood…

When you trust the professionals
At Rainfall Irrigation & Outdoor Lighting Systems
To install & service your sprinkler, outdoor lighting & mosquito control systems…

When looking for a lawn & garden sprinkler irrigation system, landscape lighting system contractor, or a mosquito control provider for your residential or commercial properties, it's in your best interest – and for your peace-of-mind – to ensure the contractor you choose has the training, expertise, certifications, professionalism, and the desire to provide you absolutely the best possible sprinkler, outdoor lighting system, or mosquito control system installation, and can provide after-the-install service, repairs, and maintenance to the manufacturer's exacting specifications.

In fact, your long-term satisfaction with – and the reliability of – your sprinkler, landscape lighting, or mosquito control system will depend on it.

Serving discriminating homeowners throughout the South Shore, the Cape, and the Islands of Southeastern Massachusetts for over 25 years, Rainfall Irrigation & Outdoor Lighting is that contractor. 

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As a Rainfall Irrigation sprinklers, outdoor lighting systems, or mosquito control systems client, you’ll benefit from…
  •  Lush, healthy, green lawns & abundant, colorful gardens
   •  Pest-free enjoyment of your outdoor areas
  •   Automatic sprinkler, landscape lighting system design, installation, service, repairs & maintenance throughout the South Shore, the Cape, the Islands area… and beyond
  •   Whether or not we installed your sprinkler irrigation system or garden lighting system, we’ll be glad to provide you the system service you need… including, your home, your cottage, your commercial property, condominiums, and athletic fields
  •   We always offer free, written estimates for our installations, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from us
  •   We carry full liability insurance so you won’t have to worry when we're on your property
  •   We have several crews servicing & installing sprinkler, outdoor lighting, and mosquito control systems in your area… that means – unlike other contractors – you’ll never have to wait long for Rainfall to arrive.

Rainfall Irrigation is one of the largest, and certainly the most reliable lawn, garden & property sprinkler, landscape lighting, and mosquito control providers in the South ShoreCape, and Islands areas of southeastern Massachusetts. Our work is always custom-designed to the unique aspects of your property… and to meet your exacting expectations.

We’ll be pleased to provide references… just ask us.

Simulated red rubber stamp graphic that reads "STUNNING!" describing what neighbors will say when you choose Rainfall Irrigation & Lighting for your sprinkler, landscape lighting, or mosquito control systems

That's what they'll say when you choose Rainfall Irrigation for your sprinkler, landscape lighting, and mosquito control systems…

Remember – your contractor's relative professionalism, his/her design skills – and installation & service expertise – will have a direct bearing on how your sprinkler, outdoor lighting, or mosquito control system will perform.

And choosing the right professional, ensures you a durable, long-lasting, efficient sprinkler, lighting, or mosquito control system.

Professionals with a solid background in irrigation, landscape lighting, and mosquito control systems training and certification will help you avoid those common ‘jack-of-all-trades’ contractor nightmares – like uneven, inadequate sprinkler coverage, problems with water pressure, and dependable backflow prevention, poorly designed lighting systems, ineffective pest control coverage, etc.

Most of our new clients are referred to us by our existing clients… which certainly says something about our work… and our word.

Find out how we can put your sprinkler, landscape lighting, and mosquito control systems on auto-pilot…
Give us TODAY at 781-585-5701

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Proudly serving discriminating clients in the South Shore, the Cape,
and the Islands areas of Massachusetts for over 25 years…

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