Rainfall Irrigation Priority Sprinkler System Maintenance Plan

The various things we Include in our plans...

Specifics/Inclusions of our Priority Seasonal Service Contracts…
      Your spring start-up visit – This visit is where we'll open your system, turn on the water
       supply, pressurize and test all elements of your system, and repair any damage that
       may have occurred over the winter months (snow plow/blower, etc.).

During this visit we’ll…
          Turn on your sprinkler system, run each zone, and adjust heads as necessary
          Test your system for leaks (major & minor)
          Inspect and program your controller clock, replace the battery, leaving the clock
            off and ready to run unless otherwise instructed.  As weather conditions change
            you’ll be responsible for resetting your controller, with the exception of your
            mid-season inspecdtion visit when we'll adjusst it for you

          Test your rain sensor (if you have one)
           Provide information on other updates/products/maintenance to improve your sprinkler
             system’s efficiency/long-term reliability.

     Mid-season inspection visit Ideal if you’d rather more fully appreciate your summer
       leisure time than worry about adjusting your controller, or you won’t be able to readily
       alert us to issues with your system. This visit includes…

          Adjusting your controller (as required) to ensure no over or under-watering
            Confirming all elements of your system are working properly
            Checking to make sure your shrubs and/or plant life haven’t grown enough to
              obstruct your sprinkler spray… and where appropriate, trimming things back a
              bit to let the water get where it was intended.

     Fall shut-down/winterizing visit We use a commercial-strength compressor to blow
       all water from your system to avoid the risk of freezing.  We’ll send you shut-down
       schedule letter beginning in September, which you’ll need to confirm with us by phone,
       fax, mail, or e-mail. This includes…

          Shutting-down your controller clock
            Draining all applicable elements of your sprinkler system, including the backflow
              preventer, to prevent damage from freezing.

     Our guarantee against damage from freeze on your sprinkler system components – 
       If any components should be damaged as a result of freezing due to an error or omission
       your Rainfall technician may have made we’ll be pleased to repair them at no charge to
       you as soon as we’ve identified them.

     Reduced labor rates over non-contract customer – Seasonal Maintenance Plan clients
       will receive a reduction on our flat-rate pricing for all service and repair work (call for details).

It’s important to note – Our service contracts don’t anticipate special circumstances, and since the water supply for most sprinkler systems comes from city/municipal systems… systems relying on alternate water sources (and the pumps, valves, filters, etc., associated with them) may require special services and charges.

If you have such a system and have questions, please contact us for details.

Proudly serving discriminating clients in the South Shore, the Cape,
and the Islands areas of Massachusetts for over 25 years…

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Kingston, MA  02364


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