Rainfall Owner Steve Behan shares a little background on how Rainfall Irrigation came to be….

From as early as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by machines, technology and automation…and always had a strong desire to understand how things worked….which later proved to be a natural complement to the Irrigation and Landscape Lighting business I now own.

When I was 15 I got a summer job – at a local Golf Course in N.H. where I was raised, in addition to my paper route – and, needless to say all the unique and specialized machinery caught my interest.

After High School, I went back to work at that same Golf Course … in no time I’m sure I was driving my Boss crazy at times asking to work with the Mechanic on rainy days…and began buying my own mechanics tools.

Eventually I had opportunities to work a longer season than the other young guys, because by then, I’d learned how to tear down, sharpen & rebuild the different reel mowers and other equipment we used on the golf course.

I’ve taken these experiences with me and practice what I’ve learned everyday for the benefit of my Clients. The importance of a carefully thought out irrigation system design to allow good water management are not abstract ideas to me but rather a deeply ingrained understanding of what’s required to provide results that will protect my Client’s large investments in landscaping.

Looking out for the interests of customers who put their faith in and support me has given me a lot of pride & satisfaction over the years.

At 21 I was made Head Greenskeeper for a nearby, 9-hole Golf Course….

I was responsible for all the upkeep of the golf course with only a part time helper. It was a different experience having no one else to turn to solve problems that arose with, a big old irrigation pump, among other things. Which caused me many late days at work developing solutions for these things after my daily maintenance work was completed.

A few years later I completed the well-known Turf Management program run by the University of Massachusetts. That’s where I got my first exposure to advanced technical training in irrigation system design and the science behind it…and it proved to be my favorite course.

Next season I was hired at a new golf course/condominium development in Plymouth, MA to take on the Assistant Superintendent role. I was tasked with developing the new turf to be ready for play, and overseeing all maintenance to the golf course which included operating a very large and complex irrigation system….Eventually I became the Superintendent and was tasked with all golf course and landscaping operations for the entire development.

I had many years to watch the grass grow…literally…

With all that time watching over the specialized grounds of a golf course I identified various deficiencies in irrigation as a means to supplement or replace natural rainfall and the impact that had on turf & landscape conditions. While there were many tools & methods I discovered along the way to help provide the kind of playing conditions members took pride in, the overriding importance of carefully controlling irrigation water became clear to me.

Steve Behan


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