Rainfall Irrigation is pleased to be a certified installer of Ambisonic Systems; audiophile quality outdoor sound systems, professional loudspeakers and high definition landscape audio.

Rainfall Landscape Lighting has decided to branch out our Lighting business to help better serve our customers. Our Outdoor Audio Design and Installation Program is here to serve all your entertainment needs. Rainfall Landscape Lighting is proud to bring a full line of outdoor audio products to our service mix. And not just any line of audio. We will not compromise quality sound for a low-cost audio alternative. Just like our landscape lighting systems, we will only utilize the highest quality products. We have spent hundreds of hours testing and researching outdoor audio systems and proud to say that we have found no other system that will outperform or outlast the elements. The landscape can be brutal with rain, snow, salt, and heat. Our products are marine grade and built to withstand anything mother nature sends its way.

Quality sound is much different than just sound. Why should beautiful sound be conned to your home? Whether controlled from your smartphone or integrated into your existing home audio system, our products can be tailored to your outdoor environment. Whether you enjoy listening to booming bass or the clarity of Beethoven, your dream of creating the perfect outdoor oasis, complete with music can be realized. Enjoy your ideal landscape and lighting experiences even more with a high-quality outdoor audio sound system, fully controllable from your smart device. The speakers and subs are incorporated into your landscape so you don’t even notice they are there, but you can sure hear the difference.


From our owner, Steve Behan:

“Upon discovering these a couple of years ago I thought it would parallel nicely with our landscape lighting business, requiring similar skills & knowledge to properly install. I have a very large backyard myself and had looked at outdoor speakers in the past but wasn’t confident I could get the coverage over such an area without using enough speakers and equipment that the cost and complexity was a deterrent to me. I installed 2 of the Ambisonic model 6.5HD All Weather Landscape Speakers on the outer edges of my backyard 125’ away from my back patio and connected to an inexpensive amplifier in my basement controlled by a Sonos internet receiver and soon realized the manufacturer was not exaggerating their performance in the least. I’m still so impressed whenever I turn it on, at 125’ away the sound seems like its right in front of me and if I’m walking near the speakers, they don’t seem any louder. I don’t need to turn the volume up to hear the music clearly anywhere in the yard without drowning out the other sounds in the yard like leaves rustling in the breeze.

One evening I had a Photographer taking some night photos of my Landscape Lighting for our website and had the sound system on playing some relaxing nature sounds with flutes and such that I like to play when I’m doing things in the backyard. He commented on what a nice atmosphere it created and went on about his work. Later on after he’d been all over the yard lining up lighting scenes he asked me where the speakers were located because as he moved around the yard it seemed like the sound was all around him but he couldn’t see the speakers he thought would have been hanging in all the trees. He was very surprised to find out there were only 2 of them on the outer edges of the yard.

I’m excited to be able to offer to install these for my Customers as a high-end performer at such a reasonable cost.”


I’m excited to be able to offer to install these for my Customers as a high-end performer at such a reasonable cost.




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