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Residential and Commercial Sprinkler Systems

The 2 most important factors for successful results from an irrigation system are design and control. The irrigation system itself should be designed carefully considering a number of factors. First the sprinkler types, placement patterns and nozzle sizing are organized with the purpose of broadcasting water as uniformly as possible. Sun/Shade, soil & plant types and other factors should be considered looking for opportunities to lessen installation and operating costs in areas the landscape requires less. 

It’s important in the design phase of the irrigation system not to leave the Customer watering excessively to accommodate the weakest points of the design in order to keep the whole yard green.

This is unfortunately more common than not in residential irrigation designs done by others, it’s extremely wasteful and forces you to over or under water parts of the property which will cause damage and poor results in dry weather when you rely on the system most. 

With a well-engineered irrigation system in place you can still achieve poor results without good control of the system’s schedule. Weather conditions from day to day are fluid and the watering schedule should be updated frequently to optimize results and save on operating costs. Few people have the time to be that mindful of their watering schedule but recent changes in controller technology are solving this problem. Controllers now will collect current weather and forecast data through the internet using the home’s WiFi connection and make timely and accurate changes to the watering schedule without any intervention from you.

While you can still control your own schedule if you prefer, we’re able to input all the necessary data about your irrigation system such as sprinkler application rates, soil type and sun/shade descriptions for you and let the controller manage the schedule automatically. This is all accessible through an app on your phone or computer and they tend to be more user friendly than the old dial type programmable controllers most are still using. In the end, these devices add convenience and allow a well-designed irrigation system to be much more effective and ave substantially on water. In this design and installation process we pay special attention to detail and offer creative solutions to clients. We stand behind our work and take pride that are customers are happy and have a quality product to enjoy for many years.
Give us a call we would love the opportunity to meet with you and listen to your concerns. We ask questions designed to help understand your expectations and design a system that will meet or exceed them.  We gather information about the available water supply and it’s available capacity. If connecting to town water, we can facilitate hiring a licensed Plumber to connect to the potable water supply or work with aWell Driller on your behalf. After reviewing and measuring the landscape we thoughtfully design the most effective and economical irrigation system and provide an estimate free of charge.

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