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Each home and property are unique, that’s why the first step in our custom outdoor lighting design process is a FREE onsite consultation with you to determine your needs, wants, and concerns for lighting your space. Although, it may seem a little overwhelming, our goal is to help guide you towards an achievable project that fits within your budget.
From creating a custom landscape lighting design that perfectly enhances your home and property to extending your time spent in your outdoor living spaces, we focus on how to provide beauty and functionality, so you get the dream space you’ve always envisioned. Rainfall Landscape Lighting is a full-service outdoor lighting company. Our team has over 25 years of experience creating unique and elegant lighting designs, professional installations, and providing maintenance and repair services to homes and businesses in the Greater Boston area, South Shore, and Cape Cod. You can count on our team of outdoor lighting professionals to provide you with the outstanding service every step of the way. From creating an elegant outdoor lighting design that perfectly accents your property and lifestyle to ongoing maintenance and repairs, our team has the experience to ensure years of beauty and functionality.



After a design plan is decided upon, the next step is installation. The installation process for lighting is best done after all landscaping is complete. The installation process for low voltage lighting is minimally invasive and will not disturb the landscape since no trenching is required. Outdoor lighting to be installed on hardscape fixtures should be integrated into the hardscape feature build. Lighting can be installed on a pre-existing hardscape feature, but for the most seamless installation, an integrated installation is best, allowing for wires to be hidden into the structure. Rainfall Landscape Lighting uses the highest quality, USA made fixtures with up to a 10-year warranty and LIFE-TIME warranty for all Transformers.


RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPE LIGHTING – Let Rainfall Landscape Lighting highlight the architecture and landscape of your residence with our custom designed lighting concepts that are proven to increase value and security while showcasing the beauty of your property. We have the expertise needed to create warm and inviting outdoor spaces that can be experienced and enjoyed at all hours and seasons.
Add value to your home by enhancing its distinctive features and highlighting the best elements of your landscaping, grounds, and gardens. Increase the safety and security of your home, helping to prevent accidents and deter intruders with illuminated entries, walkways, driveways and dark spots.
OUTDOOR SECURITY LIGHTING – Security lighting doesn’t need to be harsh or startling. As a dedicated landscape lighting firm, we are expertly equipped to consider both beauty and safety. Proper lighting creates a welcoming and friendly home but discourages unwelcome intruders from lingering. Homes without security measures such as alarms and outdoor lighting are up to 300% more likely to be vandalized.
SPECIALTY LIGHTING – Your outdoor living areas and unique features will become brilliant focal points with an innovative lighting design from Rainfall Landscape Lighting. Whether you have a complex outdoor space with several unique features to a small-scale lighting project, our designers have the experience to create a custom landscape lighting design to add functionality and highlight the natural beauty of your space.
VACATION HOME OUTDOOR LIGHTING – Lighting your second home adds, not only to the ambiance of your beloved retreat, but is a necessary security investment. Rainfall Landscape Lighting has the experience needed to design and install a unique outdoor lighting concept that will highlight and protect your beach retreat, urban escape, lake house, or cabin in the woods.
COMMERCIAL OUTDOOR LIGHTING – Illuminating the grounds and gardens of commercial landscapes, buildings, and unique features, is one of our specialties. Enhance your community feel and aesthetic with a beautifully lit neighborhood entrance. Create the perfect evening ambiance for your restaurant patio or golf course. Increase appeal while adding an additional element of security with strategically lit sculptures and specialty features. Rainfall Landscape Lighting has the years of experience needed to light your property for both beauty and functionality.
EVENT & HOLIDAY OUTDOOR LIGHTING – Let Rainfall Landscape Lighting help bring your memories to life with temporary event or holiday lighting. We design, install, and store decorative lighting both for homes and businesses. Contact us today to discuss the many unique lighting options that are sure to bring the spirit of the holidays or the elegance of your event to a new level.


create dramatic effects by illuminating things like a tree, rock formations, artwork, sculptures, unique textures, or architectural features… by mounting the landscape lighting fixtures on, or burying well lights around a feature and angling the light beams upward onto it…


aim a landscape spot-lighting fixture on a given area or feature to high-light a statue, tree, entranceway, unique landscape, or an architectural feature, turning it into a striking landscape focal point…


to clearly illuminate an area… as simple as a placing a few, appropriate landscape lighting fixtures at corners and steps, or along a garden pathway…


stylish fixtures placed along walks, pathways, or on step faces create sensuous inviting lighting effects while also making for safe walking after dark…


by concealing the lighting source directly behind and below a desired landscape feature, and reflecting the light off a vertical surface behind it, you can create an attractive silhouetted effect…


outdoor lighting fixtures positioned so shine across textured surfaces, like brick or stucco walls, or natural textured surfaces like tree bark or a decorative rock face or boulder accentuates the natural surfaces and textures…


– similar to up-lighting, uses two or more landscape lighting fixtures beamed from different directions from the side, across the feature, giving a much greater sense of dimensionality to your chosen landscape feature…

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