Mosquito Control Systems

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Our Systems

Rainfall Irrigation offers 2 Automatic Systems for mosquito control. Both MistAway and Nutone systems provide permanent mosquito solutions to protect your outdoor property throughout the entire season.

The MistAway systems

automatically spray a very fine mist of botanical insecticide through a series of mosquito misting nozzles which virtually disappears into your landscape, creating a barrier for mosquitos and ticks.




The Nutone Systems

offer a more economical solution for smaller areas such as patios and decks. They feature innovative landscape fixtures that provide season-long, effective protection from biting mosquitoes.
Both systems have proven to be very effective at giving you back your outdoor spaces at night. So whether you are looking for coverage of your entire back yard or only around a fire pit or the back deck, these systems can keep you mosquito free all season long. Give us a call to discuss which solution works best for your specific needs.